System Features & Modules

Access Level

You can create unlimited user account with custom access level capability to manage the system. You can set who can/can't access certain area.

Account Statement

Detailed account statement can be generated easily under report area. Included following bank statement, collection and expenses.

Cash/Online Deposit

Record bank-in or online transfer money into company account. With decent format to print and automatic calculation the amount based on quantity bank note.

Cheque Deposit

Record check details given from residents or outsiders to the company. Very important to keep track in-case something might happen in the future like check rejected by the bank.

Collection Unit (Annual)

This report will make you easy to keep track the payment has been made by residents or tenants and check they latest outstanding balance.


All details include outstanding balance before or after the payment is made. Fast and easy to keep track how much outstanding balance in-case resident forgot to bring invoice.

About Us

We training and provide system Strata for JMB/MC to make it easier for them to manage resident funds with more efficiently and precisely at affordable prices in the market. This will save a lot of time managing Strata in their area.

If you interesting using our system, please contact us using our contact form in this website or whatsapp us

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