System Patch Notes

25 January 2020
Accounts: Invoice Generator
* Improved database query to reduce generating times.
* Bug fixed: Electricity, Gas and Water Tariff Rate information incorrect if involving old and new tariff rates.
* Rename Invoice Generator to Invoice (For Residents).

Units: Complaints & Suggestions
* Add new relationship type named Outsider.
* Change condition that unit number not required if report made by Outsider.

Accounts: Invoice For Clients (New Module) (Required admin giving access level to users)

Accounts: Collection (Unit)
* Change Description dropdown filter to multiselect.

Accounts: Expenses/Purchased Order
* Bug fixed: Element named Fund From Bank still showing deleted data from Bank Lists has been fixed.
* Allow field Qty to use decimal digit.

Human Resources: Daily Job Scope
* Form and PDF layout improved.

* Account Statement improved - Add cash in hand.
* Unit Statement layout improved - Add block number into Unit Information.
* Implement new filter by category (commercial & domestic) to all related report.
* Filter layout improved.
* Bug fix Account Statement - Some calculation incorrect due item value not match in the database.
* Unit Summary Outstanding - Improved database query to reduce generating times.
* Expenses code improved - Change part of client side code into server side for speed up the frontend load.
* Bug fix Expenses - Layout not aligning if item more than 2 on single purchase order.
* Some report now have individual setting for PDF layout.

- Add new module named Reports Section for custom PDF configuration for reports area.
- Add new module named Clients under Accounts Section linking to the Accounts -> Invoice For Clients.

Admin Menu:
* Staff/User System Login : Add new access level named Purchase Requests.
* New module named Unit Summary Deep Scan. This module will recalculate all unit outstanding since beginning client using the system if there is something wrong with outstanding balance.

* Implement a configuration button direct on module form area.
* Listing layout improved.
* Add PDF button for each row data for some module.

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